Stanley Kubrick: Early Years (unfinished), drawings from Kubrick’s photos taken in the 1940’s.

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Current summer project: Life Stories, I’ve decided to illustrate the life of Stanley Kubrick my plan is to create three (maybe five) A5 ten page zines focusing on different stages of his life. ‘Early Years’ concentrating on his photography, and his work for ‘Look Magazine’ in the 40’s and 50’s. ‘1968’ focusing on 2001: a space odyssey, and some of his technological advances made on that movie. And Finally ‘1971-80’ A Clockwork Orange, Barry Lyndon and The Shining. My plan is to experiment with my style more and give it a simplistic feel, but hopefully capturing the true visionary he was. The books will be kept in a box or slipcase.

I went to a reportage illustration forum at Falmouth Univeristy back in March, here’s a few doodles from the event. I got to see some of my favourite illustrators discuss there work.